The International Climate-Safe Travel Institute (ICSTI) is a group of academics, professionals and supporters concerned with advancing low emissions travel as rapidly as possible to secure a safe environment.

The objectives of the ICSTI are:

To educate the public about, and promote the need for, research and options for travel and
transport which involves low to zero emissions of greenhouse gases, and alternatives to travel,
and the urgent need to move to those options as soon as reasonably possible, consistent the
findings of climate science and related international commitments, including the Paris
Agreement of December 2015;
To liaise with international authors and groups about the research and options available for
travel options which involve low to zero emissions of greenhouse gases;
To make public statements, submissions and bring or join proceedings consistent with these
To hold regular meetings to which all members can address topical issues and concerns related
to these objectives.
To plan, establish and maintain and operate any other such activities as ICSTI deems desirable
for the benefit of the community and the public in general related to these objectives.