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The Elephant in the Sky“: Amazing graphical resource booklet on aviation emissions and the greenwash that the aviation industry is currently engaged in.

Dr Paul Peter’s 342 page thesis “Tourism’s impact on climate change
and its mitigation challenges. How can tourism become ‘climatically sustainable’?” The former Fokker Aircraft design engineer concludes:

“The outcome of my thesis is straightforward and clear: the expected volume growth of Air transport for tourism is impossible to reconcile with the ambition to keep the global temperature anomaly within 2 °C, as agreed in Paris in 2015. Individual stakeholders in the industry and policymakers could decide to start working on it, instead of devoting their energy to negating the issue as too often is still the case. The mitigation task is still not included in most discourses about sustainable tourism. Believing in magical technologies (Peeters et al., 2016), and assuming that others will solve the problem of tourism’s climate impacts  (offsetting, CORSIA) negates the sheer size of tourism’s environmental consequences. It also renders global  problems such as poverty and ecosystem degradation hostage to promoting flying even more (e.g. Lipman  et al., 2012). In this way, the tourism sector does a disservice to itself, being a victim of climate change as  well, and the global community. That is both unnecessary and unfortunate for humanity and for the tourism  sector itself. The narrow view on tourism (as international, mainly air transport and destination centred)  deprives the sector of a view on viable solutions like rail travel, domestic tourism and short-haul tourism. “

Life in a post-flying Australia, and why it might actually be ok